Studio Policy


Namastday Yoga wishes to provide a firm foundation for your practice and a quality experience for all students that practice at our studio. We will provide a safe environment for self study (svadhiya) and will guide you in your quest to find peace , harmony, and balance.

The policies for our staff, our teachers, and you, the student, are based on the first two branches of Yoga, called the Yamas and Niyamas, Universal Codes of Behavior and Individual Practices. They are not abstractions to be experienced in isolation. We may all do yoga poses to refresh the experience of our inner self, but the deeper value of yoga is when we take it with us into all aspects of our lives. Flexibility and strength in the body carries out to flexibility and strength of character.


Yamas demand Social Discipline

Yamas strike at the root causes of our suffering by protecting us from results of unkind and inconsiderate actions. They maintain a covenant with our fellow man that if you respect my space, I will respect yours. They create the framework of a universal society of order and fairness, of basic tenets of property and contracts.


AHIMSA / Non Violence

Deep in ahimsa is the respect for others and the acknowledgement of the connectedness throughout nature. Respect for ourselves becomes respect for others.

  • Respect starts with yourself.

  • Do not do violence to yourself during class or practice. Practice to your limitations.

  • What better way to respect ourselves than a healthy asana and pranyama practice.

  • No harm.

  • Eat to live, not live to eat. Proper diet goes with yoga.

SATYA / Truth

Truth has power. Words have power. It goes right to our bones, to our cells. When our words communicate what is deep in ourselves, we are truthful.

  • Sign in 5-10 minutes before class to set up.  If you are a new student, our staff will help you sign up and answer any questions about our classes and teachers.

  • Notify the teacher of any injuries before class so they can make sure you get the most out of the class and stay safe.

  • If you need to leave early, be mindful and courteous of your fellow students. Please leave at least 10 minutes discretely before the end of class and be sure to take a 5 minute Savasana.

  • Don’t forget to sign in at the Front Desk checkin.

  • Turn off your cell phones.

  • There are no reservations required for regular classes.


ASTEYA / Not Stealing

When we stop stealing, we open ourselves up to what is really ours. Virtue.

  • Leave your shoes outside the studio. 

  • Put your valuables in the lockers.

  • Props are there for all to share.



Work to develop and maintain a vitality and energy. Brachmacharya is about honoring and nurturing your talents, your health.

  • It is best to practice yoga with an empty stomach. We recommend 2-3 hours after a full meal and at least 1 full hour with no food.


APARIGRAHA / Not Coveting

Realizing the meaning of life comes naturally when unnecessary clutter is taken from our lives and our minds.

  • Mats and props are provided for all. 

  • Help keep the studio neat and tidy.



First and foremost, Niyamas demand self discipline. The early yogis were fully aware of the fragilities of human nature and that we are easily drawn into behavior that will cause suffering. The demands of Niyamas are not unduly harsh, but rather in tune with the force we must exert within ourselves to keep in balance. On the other hand, the Niyamas are there to support us, and more importantly to lift us up when we fall.


SAUCA /Cleanliness

Sauca cleans up our personal life. It provides stability to body and mind and prevents impurities from getting into our bodies. Sauca keeps the organs of action (describe all)n and of perception (describe all)n clean and pure.

  • Cleanliness is important for your health and the comfort of others. Your clothes and your body should be clean when you come to class. Wash your feet and toes. 

  • Do not wear dangling jewelry or any type of perfume or strong soap or cream.

  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. It will be of benefit to you if the teacher can see the alignment of your hips, knees, and ankles.

  • Do not bring food or beverages into the asana room.

  • Leave your shoes on the show rack before entering the studio. Lockers are provided for personal belongings.


SANTOSA / Contentment

Santosa is emotional cleanliness. It serves as a guide post to tell us when we are straying from purity.

  • Allow 10 minutes prior to class to relax and set your intentions. 

  • Be present. Leave the past and the future behind when you begin your class.

  • Listen like it is your first time- open your sense perceptions.

TAPAS / Self Discipline

Cleanliness and contentment lead to fire. They ignite the flames that create discipline and commitment.

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before class to sign-in and set up.  Arrive on time, because the beginning of the class prepares you for the series of poses in each class and keeps you safe. You may join the class 10 minutes after the beginning of the class, but enter discretely

  • Follow the instructions to increase your concentration and focus. Practice with enthusiasm and dedication.

  • Develop your own practice to better yourself.

  • Look always for inspiration and creativity.


SVADHYAYA / Self Study

Svadhaya taps the Intelligence in the cells. Knowledge is power. Awareness of the body leads to core understanding.

  • Yoga is a Darshana, a mirror to look at ourselves from within. 

  • Read books and find a mentor.

  • Let us help you find the appropriate practice for yourself.


ISVARA PRANIDHANA / Resignation and Surrender

You must have strength of character. You must make yourself worthwhile. We must be a valuable gift to offer up.

  • Be patient and work at your own pace. Breath. Progress comes with practice.

  • Surrender to yourself and to God.

  • Develop faith and balance.



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