Just A Few Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

The new year has just begun, and with that come dozens of resolutions that we’re all aching to achieve. The beginning of the year makes these resolutions seem plausible  to run a mile or two a day, but over time it becomes exhausting and challenging. Minimizing stress can also seem like an easy resolution to keep, but spa days add up and it’s just hard to get away from the bustle of the world. If you’re looking for a way to improve a range of qualities in your life, yoga is the answer. From stress to health, yoga classes really do improve the quality of living. Here are a few of the benefits that you can expect to see when you start practicing yoga at Namastday Yoga.

Strength & Flexibility

During every yoga class you can count on having to hold poses for extended periods of time. This will be hard, especially if you’re just beginning to practice yoga. You’ll notice that your ability to hold each pose will improve over time thanks to gained muscle strength and flexibility. You will gain incredible strength & flexibility without ever having to lift or use more than your body weight.

Relaxed body & Mind

Yoga is known for the relaxation that it provides to people. Being able to schedule time in advance for relaxation improves stress levels while in class meditation and controlled breathing helps lower heart rate and blood pressure, keeping the body in a relaxed state. The positions challenge your flexibility which in turn releases tension from stress. After each yoga class you can count on being in a state of relaxation.


This isn’t a benefit that shows up suddenly. Rather, you’ll notice your happiness levels improving over time. Because yoga is so soothing and relaxing, the more time that you spend going to yoga classes or practicing within your own home, you’ll notice a decrease in stress and tension. In turn, your body will have released negative energy it’s been holding onto, leaving you in a much happier state.

See these benefits, and more, show up in your life when you join one of the yoga classes at Namastday Yoga. Our yoga studio offers room for plenty of individuals to participate, even your little ones! Start improving your life with the practice of yoga, today.


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with CIYT, Leslie Peters
 December 1st-22nd, Saturday's 12:30-2:00pm
This class specifically focuses on students with MS or other neurological conditions.
Introduction to incorporating Iyengar Yoga to address and help manage symptoms and challenges associated with Multiple Sclerosis and similar neurological conditions. While yoga is not a cure for MS and other neurological conditions in the words of BKS Iyengar "yoga helps us to endure what cannot be cured."
please visit website due to schedule changes.

Regular class series and monthly passes accepted.

Pre-Registration Required before attendance- No Drop-ins, No Refunds, Class Series must be paid in full, no make-ups.
$88/4 class package. Handicap Accessible. No yoga experience ok.


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