Welcome to Namastday Yoga Center, Beverly Hills.

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Come and meet your self!


invites you to take a vacation from your hectic life and your busy mind at our yoga studio. 

We provide a safe and modern environment with two large studios and a guided meditation room.

Our yoga instructors have carefully designed programs for every level of yoga student; from the raw beginner to the seasoned practitioner.

The hands of our logo represent sincerity and humbleness.

This gesture invites us to meet, accept and love ourselves.


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The studios look like play rooms for adults!

The studios at Namastday Yoga are equipped with a full range of props and a beautiful rope wall. Each pose is transformed with more extension and expansion when the ropes and other props support you.

Observation and awareness pays off!

Proper alignment means you are stretching and strengthening the muscles, ligaments, and nerves that you need for a strong spine and healthy joints. Prana, the life force, will spread through the cells and deepen the mind/body connection. When the mind focuses on the details of the body, the chatter stops and the tensions ease.

Whatever your issues are now, we will accommodate!

Through correct sequencing and adjustments, you will learn how to respect your body and its limitations. We will help you to go further by finding versions of the poses that suit your personal needs. If you can’t reach the floor (yet), they’ll give you a block. If you can’t balance (yet), you can work on the trestle.



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